Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Composite SuperSleeper Retaining Walls


ON 21 March

By: Natalie McMurdo

Are you looking to enhance the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space while ensuring long-lasting durability? Look no further than composite SuperSleeper retaining walls. Lightweight, durable and ecofriendly, the SuperSleeper ticks all the boxes. Leading the way in the retaining wall industry, SuperSleepers are an exceptional alternative to the conventional concrete sleeper. They are stronger and more durable than anything on the market making it the perfect addition to your next retaining wall or landscaping project.

SuperSleepers are extremely versatile, whether your project is a 1.6m high retaining wall or building a raised garden bed, there will be no more days where you need to carry 80kg concrete sleepers over uneven ground. SuperSleepers are a very lightweight alternative, weighing less than 5kg each. Once your project is complete SuperSleepers can be painted to compliment your properties aesthetics, instantly enhancing any garden structure.

SuperSleepers are designed by engineers to provide exceptional strength, durability and eco friendliness. These superstars are more environmentally friendly than its competitors, producing less CO2 in the manufacturing process and being a lightweight material translates to less carbon impact involved in the transportation process.

SuperSleepers warrant this product for 35 years, with an expected lifespan of 100 years. Made from composite materials which are x4 times stronger than concrete, their versatility, light weight and easy installation process, strength and durability make this the future of retaining walls.

Benefits of a SuperSleeper retaining wall

Not only are Composite Retaining Walls long lasting, they are also low maintenance. Unlike other walls, they resist corrosion and weathering. They are easy to install because they are light weight and don’t rot, warp or splinter.

Why not give SuperSleeper a go on your next project?

  • Stronger
  • Lightweight
  • Fully Engineered
  • Environmentally Friendly

Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a DIY enthusiast, installing SuperSleepers are a breeze. Lightweight yet durable, SuperSleepers are designed for hassle-free installation, saving you time and money on your project.

To download the SuperSleeper Installation Guide, click here.

To download the SuperSleeper Product Guide, click here

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Price List – April 2024

  • SuperSleeper 2.0m $33.95 + GST
  • SuperSleeper 2.4m $41.20 + GST
  • SuperPost C Post 2.4m $52.20 + GST
  • SuperPost H Post 2.4m $78.70 + GST
  • SuperPost H Post 3.2m $126.40 + GST
  • SuperBracket $16.34 + GST
  • SuperSupport $15.60 + GST
  • SuperCap 2.0m $21 + GST
  • SuperCap 2.4m $25 + GST
  • SuperPlinth 2.4m $36 + GST
  • SuperPlinth 3.2m $49 + GST
  • SuperWedge 0.29c + GST
  • SuperDrain 15m $182.25 + GST
21 Timbers | Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Composite SuperSleeper Retaining Walls
21 Timbers | Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Composite SuperSleeper Retaining Walls

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